Different Types of Taxes

  1. Direct Taxes
  2. Indirect Taxes

Direct Taxes - Directly paid to the government by the taxpayer in the form of Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Gift Tax, and so on.

Indirect Taxes - Collected through the products and services that are purchased by the consumer in the market.

Need to Plan Saving Taxes Early

  1. Individual’s tax amount decrease.
  2. A taxpayer can use their Income by investing in Investment schemes which include:
    a. Mutual Funds
    b. National Pension Scheme
    c. Public Provident Fund
    d. Equity Linked Savings Scheme

Advantages of Saving Taxes Early

  1. Help you to gauge your income for the current financial year.
  2. Gives access to different financial products available in the market catering to your needs, e.g the best Tax Saving Mutual Funds.
  3. Makes sure that final moment errors and mishaps are avoided.

Start saving taxes for better tomorrow!

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