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Commercial Property Loans

Achieving your goals requires dedication and hard work but it begins with the right environment. With a workplace tailored for your profession, you can take your professional dreams to the next level. If you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Chartered Accountant or a Self Employed Businessman, HDFC Bank's Commercial Property Loans will help you own the workplace of your choice so that you can take a step closer to your business goals.

Key Features

Loans for the purchase of a new or existing clinic or office
Loans for the extension, improvement or construction of an office or clinic
Loans for transferring your outstanding loan availed from another Bank / Financial Institution
Expert legal and technical counselling to help you make the right property buying decision
Attractive interest rate
Easy and hassle free documentation
Simple repayments through monthly instalments
Integrated branch network for availing and servicing the loan anywhere in India

Commercial Property Loan Eligibility Details

Self-Employed Professional (SEP)

  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Architect
  • Consultant
  • Engineer
  • Company Secretary, etc.

Self-Employed Non-Professional (SENP)

  • Trader
  • Commision Agent
  • Contractor etc.

Commercial Property Loans FAQs

This is a loan for purchase of a new or existing office or clinic as well as for extension, improvement or construction of an office or clinic. An existing Commercial Property Loan from any other bank/financial institution can also be transferred to HDFC Bank.

Self Employed persons like Doctors,Lawyers,Chartered Accountants and Business Owners can avail a Commercial Property Loan for purchasing an office or a clinic.

You can avail a Commercial Property Loan for a maximum term of 15 years or till your age of retirement ,whichever is lower.

You can find a checklist regarding documents required and applicable fees & charges on