What is a Home Loan Sanction Letter?

  • Sanction Letter gives the indication that the application has been accepted, processed, and verified.
  • Highlights that the loan is principally approved with the mentioned terms and conditions.

Steps to Get a Home Loan Sanction Letter -

Step 1

  • Applicant needs to submit below mentioned documents to the Authority.
  • Application Form along with the KYC Documents
  1. Income Documents
  2. Bank Statements
  3. Property Documents

Step 2

  1. Income of the applicant
  2. His/her current obligations
  3. Banking and income stability
  4. Past credit history
  • Due diligence is carried out.

Step 3

  • Based on previous steps, the application gets accepted or rejected by the Authority.
  • The applicant receives formal communication from the Authority.

Step 4

  • Applicant submits the required documents.
  • Applicant gives his acceptance and proceeds with the next process to avail the disbursement

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