What is Commercial Property Loan?

Purposes of Commercial Property Loan

  • Buying a new office
  • Buying a new store or a clinic
  • Expansion/ renovation of an office/ store/ clinic
  • Development of marts
  • Development of business infrastructure and work premises for SMEs
  • Buying a property for business purpose
  • Development of properties to rent them to SMEs

Who can Apply?

  • Self-employed working professionals like Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers etc.
  • Business Owners

What are the advantages of commercial property loans?
-Capital Gains –

  • Commercial property values are likely to increase
  • Sell the purchased property and receive a lump sum amount
  • Use this amount to grow your business

-Reduced Interest Rates -

  • Commercial property loan interest rates are more affordable

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Commercial Property Loan
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