Why Students Need Medical Insurance while Traveling Abroad for Studies

Features of a Student Medical Travel Insurance

  • Comes with distinctive attributes like auto-renewal facilities, policy extension, etc.
  • Helps to cover expenses like accidents, hospitalization, medical emergencies, etc.

Reason for Getting a Student Medical Travel Insurance

  • Hospitalization can be too expensive in foreign countries.
  • A Student's Medical Travel Insurance covers unexpected medical expenses and reduces the burden on students.

Countries that Declare it Mandatory

  • Most countries need students to have a Student Medical Insurance Policy.
  • Countries, where Student Insurance is obligatory for different universities, are Canada, Australia, UAE, Hong Kong, USA, South Korea, etc.

Criteria for Choosing a Plan

  • Pliability and size of the sum insured
  • Claim settlement procedure and track data/log
  • Link-up with hospitals nearby to the campus
  • Other medical benefits

Choose between two types of Plans

  • Type 1 - International Student Medical Insurance policy: Invest before moving out of India.
  • Type 2 - Student Medical Insurance: Provided by the respective universities abroad.

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