Types of Mortgage Loans

There are several kinds of mortgage loans. Let us take a look at some of them.

Loan against Property (LAP)
• Commercial purchase loans
• Lease rental discounting
• Reverse mortgage

Eligibility for mortgage loans and required Documents

The eligibility criteria for mortgage loans vary for salaried and self-employed individuals:

Age of eligible borrower:
For Salaried – 24-60 Years
For Self Employed – 25-65 Years

Maximum loan tenure:
For Salaried – 15 years
For Self Employed – 15 years

Eligible monthly income:
For Salaried – 18,000
For Self Employed – 25,000

List of Documents Required
• For salaried individuals
• Residence Proof
• Identity Proof
• Financial Statement for 3 years (for Self-Employed)
• Past 6 months’ Salary Slip (for Salaried)
• Past 6 months Bank Details
• Property Documents against Loan

Benefits of Mortgage Loans
• It’s the simplest way to avail a Home Loan.
• It’s applicable for a variety of properties.
• It is cost-effective and can be paid in EMIs.
• It has longer repayment period.
• It has a variety of interest rates to choose from.

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Mortgage Loans
Mortgage Loan
Types of mortgage loans
Benefits of Mortgage Loans

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