A guide to Health Insurance top-ups

What does top-up mean?
Top-up in a Health Insurance plan refers to the extra cover that is added to the original method.

Why would you need a top-up?
-To increase the Health Insurance coverage without the need of paying a higher premium
- To acquire adequate protection that the standard Health Insurance policy is failing to provide.

Benefits of Health Insurance top-ups

  • High coverage within a cost-effective premium.
  • Various tax benefit options.
  • Continuous premium from 61 years and includes pre & post-hospitalization expenditures.
  • No medical test until 55 years only as long as the policyholder does not have any record of pre-existing illness.
  • A few Health Insurance providers guarantee a response within 6 hours for every cashless claim.
  • By selecting a two-year policy, the applicant is offered a discount of 5%.

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