Securing the future of one's family is the biggest concern one can have in their lifetime. Irrespective of your profession, it’s crucial for you to work for the well-being and security of your family. Even if you have enough savings, it might drain out fast during emergencies or unfortunate and unforeseen incidents.

Therefore, looking for the right Life Insurance Policy that not only provides stability but also flexibility, like the HDFC Life Insurance Plans, should be a top priority for everyone.

Why should you look for a Life Insurance Policy?

Life Insurance policies are long term investments designed to protect your loved ones, providing you with some peace of mind that they wouldn’t have to be forced into financially crippling scenarios while going through the emotional toil of the loss of a family member. A Life Insurance Policy can pay off any debt you leave behind from loans and credit cards, provide a certain amount of financial stability for your family and even be a contributing factor in your income after retirement.

A guide to choosing plans according to your age

Having a Life Insurance Policy like HDFC Life Insurance Policy is a forward step towards securing your family financially as it accommodates several plans for different age groups.

Age-Wise Life Insurance Premiums


During your 20s, it’s important to get insured, even if no one’s dependent on you financially. The advantages of starting early are that you’ll get to enjoy rather low premiums, more time to gather a larger amount of money, and even experiment with the higher risk investment plans. At this age, Term Insurance, Endowment, and Retirement Plans would be more beneficial rather than whole life policies to have greater money multiplied throughout the entire tenure.


This is usually the time where the breadwinners plan for a secure future for their children and other members.  At this age, any individual has little or no financial obligations and gets to have a tenure long enough to allow the money to multiply in larger proportions over the years. Therefore, it’s recommended that people belonging in the 30s choose simple Term Plans, Money Back Plans, Saving Investment Plans, and even Child Plans, if the need be.


Here’s where the breadwinners feel the real need to get insured as they're stuck between paying for children’s education and parents’ medications. During such times, one should go for Term Plans, Insurance-cum-Investment, and even Retirement Plans so as to gather enough money during the retirement age. 


This is the ultimate time to get Retirement Plans from HDFC rather than simple Term Plans as it would help out with possible debts and mortgages that you wouldn’t like your partner or children to be burdened with after you’re gone.

60s & above:

Though the premium might be high at this age, it’s important to buy Life Plans to pay off any outstanding debts as it’s never too late to get insured. If you’re 75 and above, it’s a difficult task to get insured but old policies can still be renewed at this age while a plethora of new options might be available online.


Getting insured is mandatory, especially in today’s unstable financial situation. Therefore, it is imperative to read all the plans, policies, and options carefully, and invest accordingly.

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