How to select a Life Insurance Policy that best suits your needs?

Types of Life Insurance

  1. Unit Linked Insurance
  2. Term Life Insurance
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Retirement Plans
  5. Child Education Plans
  6. Special Plans for Women
  7. Combo Plans

How to Select the Right Life Insurance Policy

  1. Write down your financial goals along with a time frame
  2. Make a list of your Assets & Liabilities
  3. Calculate the amount of Insurance purchased so far
  4. Evaluate if your Liabilities are completely covered by Insurance purchased
  5. Go through all the Life Insurance Policy options

Additional Points to Consider

You should opt for a Term Insurance Plan if:

  • You are looking for Family Security
  • You are looking for Cost Effective Plan
  • You want a cover for Disability, Critical Illness or Accidents

Other Life Insurance Plans:

  • You should choose a Whole Life Insurance Plan if you are still young and have additional cash
  • If you haven't saved enough for your children, you should opt for a Child Plan
  • To secure your retirement, you can choose between Endowment or Unit-Linked Plans
  • There are also Special Plans like Cancer Care, etc.

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