A Complete Guide to Selecting the Right Car Insurance Policy:

Types of Car Insurance Policies:

  1. Third Party Car Insurance Policy
  2. Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Third Party Car Insurance Policy:

  • This Policy is mandatory for every car owner under "Motor Vehicles Act" of India.
  • It covers the damage done by you to other vehicles or in case of any casualties.
  • It does not cover the damage done to your own vehicle.
  • Price for this policy is determined by IRDAI - Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy Covers:

  1. Natural Calamities
  2. Damages done due to man-made perils - Riots, Strikes, etc.
  3. Fire Perils
  4. Theft & Burglary

Optional Additions to the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy:

  1. Theft & loss of personal belongings
  2. Hydro-static cover
  3. Zero depreciation cover
  4. Return to invoice cover
  5. Engine & gearbox protection
  6. Cost of consumables
  7. Duplicate key cover
  8. Medical Cover
  9. No-claims bonus protector
  10. Roadside assistance & rent-a-car benefit

How to Select the Best General Insurance Company?

  1. Claim payout process
  2. Quality of garages in cashless network
  3. Days required to settle a claim
  4. After-sale service
  5. Share of loss with insurance company
  6. Discount offered

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