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What Our Team Says

We have got a great team backing us and we are glad to have their support.

Dayanand Shevale,
Area Manager,
Mortgage Sales,

  My tenure with HDFC Sales has been eventful and fulfilling. I was assigned the role of an "Subject Matter Expert” since I had a process oriented approach. Meanwhile I was detected with a severe medical condition which impacted my personal & professional life for more than a year. Due to flexible working environment & support extended by my peers & manager, I was able to see through my situation without any severe repercussion.

Babu P,
Senior Regional Manager,
Mortgage Sales,

  My journey with HDFC Sales started in the year 2004 as a Sales Officer. The company gave me a platform with innumerable opportunities for growth due to which I have been able to achieve various milestones throughout my tenure. I owe my success to the environment which has kept me motivated & my relentless efforts to be at a managerial position.

Varoon Joshua,
Territory Manager,
Mortgage Sales,

 HDFC Sales is the first company where I shifted my domain from HR to Sales & Marketing. The only experience that I brought to this job was people-management. My seniors were kind enough to give me the opportunity. As a Team Manager,I have learned a lot, built networks, grown from managing a team of 12 to now 48 people as Assistant Sales Manager. Six years on, I am still learning, building better relationships, understanding people and helping my team make the most of their experience with HDFC Sales.

Randeep Singh Kotecha,
Deputy Manager,
Financial Services,

  I feel blessed that I am a part of the organisation that gives me the opportunity to prove myself with the guidance of experienced and dedicated professionals. Due to our culture and guiding values, we all work together towards known, measurable and common goals. We work hard, and we all get to share in the successes and rewards. Within a span of 5 years I was promoted from an Executive to a Deputy Manager, no doubt the organisation recognises my efforts and believes in appreciating the same.

Hear From Our Team

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Babu's experience with HDFC Sales

Manjunath with HDFC Sales

What Our Customers Say

We take pride in guiding our customers by providing the highest quality of service.

  The interaction with the HDFC Sales team was great and very helpful. Look forward to the same service in the future as well.

Pankaj Sharma,

  I highly appreciate the process and support that I received from HDFC Sales. The loan sanction process was indeed seamless. Thank you once again.

Jahar Tyagi,

  I must admit that I am touched by the selfless support shown by HDFC Sales in all the processes, from inception to completion of the loan process. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me realise my dream of my ‘dream home’!

Sanjeev Choudhary,

  I am extremely happy with the services provided by HDFC Sales. I hope to deal with the organization for my future requiements as well.

Rohit Sharma,

  Being an NRI, I would love to have future relationship with HDFC and HDFC Sales. Needless to say, such service builds great working relationships.

I will bring all my banking needs to HDFC Sales from now on.

Rachna Nair,

  The loan facility offered by HDFC Sales is one of the best. The executives were excellent at their jobs and resolved all my queries with patience and expertise.