Have you often heard your child say, Sania’s parents are so cool because they talk to each other like best friends or Aarav’s parents are so cool because they let him eat his chocolates whenever he wants to?Well, there are no written attributes of cool parenting, but science and research have backed this fact that the most successful and confident kids are raised by cool parents who do things differently! And one of the things these cool parents have in common is the right attitude and the ability to support their child’s passion and creativity, encouraging an offbeat career and planning early on so they can help them realise their full potential.

Here are our top 5 offbeat career options in India that your child can go on to lead.

1) Food Flavourist

If you liked the taste of that peri peri chips or the pop of your blueberry soda, then you need to thank the food flavourist.

Food flavouristsare the heroes behind your favourite foods, beverage products, nutritional supplements, toothpastes, medicines and moreinamulti-billion dollar industry ofglobal FMCG and food production companiesthat are constantly revamping their existing products or launching new ones.

So if your child is someone that loves food, wants to explore flavours, is critical of taste, smell and has willingness to experiment then he/she is born to do this.

Learn the discipline:A degree in food sciences/technology, nutrition and / or culinary arts would be required.

2) Environment Management

The entire world knows Greta Thunberg, the teen whose campaigns for environmenthave gained international recognition. If your child fosters similar desire to care for the environment early on, then there are plenty of green jobs that benefit both the economy and the environment. This includes everything from solar technicians, green builders, natural scientists to careers that address issues, goals or visions with regards to our environment in any set-up.

So if your child is a born leader, who communicates well, has a voice, and ensures that rules are followed then he/she is the hero the world needs.

Learn the discipline: A bachelor's degree in ecology, natural resource management, agriculture, biology, or environmental science is required. Eventually, they may want to get a master's degree or doctorate for advancement.

3) Ethical Hacking

Is your child a computer genius? You often see them hack friends’ social networking accounts for “fun”, you know they are good at cracking passwords and unlocking a locked system, and spenda large part of their time experimenting with various codes – this is a great way to put those grey cells to good use and get paid for it!With growing demand for internet experts, these are the brains that will be needed for cyber and IT security.

So if your kid has a special talent for finding a loophole to any and every rule, is driven by challenges, is persistent and analytical, then get your child set on this lucrative career path.

Learn the discipline: A bachelor’s degree in information technology, electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science or an advanced diploma in network security using programming as a major study.

4) Machine Learning

He loves it everytime he says, "Alexa, turn on all the lights", it excites himwhen he shops with you online, is curious about other great recommendations on products thrown up by his internet search history. If so, you can tell your child that it is themachine learning engineers who work towards developing this artificial intelligence.

No, the machine is not taking over our world but your child can with a solid career in AI if your child loves math, technology, logic or robotics.

Learn the discipline: 

A bachelor’s degree in mathematics and basic computer technology. However, an additional specialised course is required to pursue this career.

5) Product Designing

Whyis the sky blue? Or why can’t I drink water out of a bowl? Almost everything we use and see in our day-to-day lives, from chairs and cutlery to innovative and useful products have been visualised and designed by a product designer.

So if your child is curious, has a flair for colours, patterns, design and comes up with solutions to problems, lead them on the path to become a product designer.

Learn the discipline: A bachelor’s degree in design from a reputed college is a must. One year of basic art and design courses, such as principles of design and sketching will also be required during their course of learning.

How can I plan?

As parents, it’s time to plan and help your child in achieving these dreams with a proper Saving and Investment Plan. Cool parents start early, so be one today.